DREAMING brings together a set of services which, packaged together, allow extending the independent life of elderly people while providing them with an equivalent level of safety as that they would enjoy in a protected environment such as an elderly home, and offering them a way of staying in touch with their loved ones even when the latter are away.

In addition, the DREAMING services facilitate the management of chronic conditions in a home setting reducing the need to use the expenses resources of acute hospitals to a bare minimum.

The services that DREAMING comprises fall into three different categories:

  • Monitoring and Alarm Handling services. These are provided through a combination of medical devices and environmental sensors and a powerful Decision Support System which is able to detect risk situations based on the specific profile of the individual user or of the category to which the user belongs and on any combination of sensors measurements including trends over a certain period of time.
  • Elderly-friendly videoconferencing services. A videoconferencing system which has been specifically designed for elderly people and provide the most familiar user interface one can imagine: a TV set and an infrared remote control that almost any elderly person uses in his/her daily life.
  • Non-ICT based services. These are of course not part of the Pilot, stricto sensu, but they are essential to allow elderly people to live independently in their homes. These will be provided by the Project partners as part and parcel of their mission but will not be charged to the Project budget.
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